Posted on: February 2, 2009 5:42 pm

Top 25 polls and Wisconsin

  Illinois is still in the top 25 for now, but if they loose to the Badgers on Thursday at Madison they will surely drop from the rankings. The bad thing about this game is that Wisconsin has lost 6 straight games. Each of them more heartbreaking than the last. My guess is that the players will be as red as their uniforms if they loose one more game. I wouldn't be surprised if the fans actually stormed the court with the next Wisconsin win.

  Illinois still didn't look that good Sunday against Iowa, but they did atleast win. Iowa may end up being a dark horse in when the Big Ten tourney comes around. Domonique Keller has been the hottest player on the floor for the Illini recently so I won't be surprised when he starts getting some more playine time. If he can score 12 points in 17 minutes then he need to play more. I also think that Calvin Brock needs to play less. He has been a good rebounder and can occasionally hit a big 3, but when it comes down to it he can make some bone headed plays, on top of that he gets into it with the coaching staff. Finally Mike Davis needs to get back on track. He was lookin like the MVP of the team until a couple weeks ago. He hasn't been the ball very often and when he does he can't make all of his shots. He's kind of a inbetween defensive player as well, he's too small for a big, and too slow for a quick. I am starting to think that the Mike Davis story was just a little to good to be true and it's over for this season, but if he can get a big game in the next few weeks then I will believe in him again. Well, that's just about it, thanks to anyone who reads this.

Posted on: January 31, 2009 8:07 pm


Illinois lost a tough game (up until the last 10 minutes) against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  This Sunday they will try to bounce back with a win against the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Hopefully this will be one of these high energy games where we get up to a huge lead and put in the back ups for the last 5 minutes.  If Bruce did his job they will be able to get rebounds and better shots off of screens.  If he didn't Illinois nation will have a few sad games in a row.  As for their ranking in the top 25, they will keep it aslong as they convincingly defeat Iowa (and more than 40 points).  I for one really hope that they can get back on their feet and make a strong run up until the Big Dance and get a few rounds deep before their season finally ends.

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